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Feynman Lectures 50th anniversary celebration seminar series

Building a brain: The atomic switch network

Speaker: James K Gimzewski from the University of California in Los Angeles

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Nanotechnology journal

[Journal cover] Nanotechnology is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the latest advances in nanoscale science and technology. It encompasses the understanding of the fundamental physics, chemistry, biology and technology of nanometre-scale objects and how such objects can be used in the areas of computation, sensors, nanostructured materials and nano-biotechnology.

Lab talk

Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

Lead-salt quantum dot nanocomposites: highest quantum yield yet

Widening absorption spectrum for better sensing and solar energy applications.

Dramatically increasing resistivity in ultra-thin copper films

Quantifying resistivity in sub-20 nm films to benefit the microelectronics industry.

Titanium dioxide nanostructures for bioapplications: a review

Focusing on the growth, properties and applications of TiO2 nanotubes in the biomedical field.

Latest journal content

Effects of nitrogen doping from pyrolyzed ionic liquid in carbon nanotube fibers: enhanced mechanical and electrical properties Jan 28, 2015

Ok-Kyung Park et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 075706

STEM–EELS analysis reveals stable high-density He in nanopores of amorphous silicon coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering Jan 28, 2015

Roland Schierholz et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 075703

Polyvinyl alcohol electrospun nanofibers containing Ag nanoparticles used as sensors for the detection of biogenic amines Jan 28, 2015

Carla Marega et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 075501

Effects of nanoscale surface roughness on the resistivity of ultrathin epitaxial copper films Jan 28, 2015

Yukta P Timalsina et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 075704

Light absorption processes and optimization of ZnO/CdTe core–shell nanowire arrays for nanostructured solar cells Jan 28, 2015

Jérôme Michallon et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 075401

1/f noise in graphene nanopores Jan 28, 2015

S J Heerema et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 074001

Lead selenide quantum dot polymer nanocomposites Jan 28, 2015

Dennis L Waldron et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 075705

Nano-fabrication and related optical properties of InGaN/GaN nanopillars Jan 28, 2015

Yulong Hu et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 075302

Detection of benzo[a]pyrene-guanine adducts in single-stranded DNA using the α -hemolysin nanopore Jan 28, 2015

Rukshan T Perera et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 074002

Illuminating the future of silicon photonics: optical coupling of carbon nanotubes to microrings Jan 26, 2015

Y K Kato 2015 Nanotechnology 26 070501