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3: Manipulating light with metamaterials

Silvia Peruch and Nicolas Olivier show us their work in Anatoly Zayat's Lab at King's College London looking at metamaterials.

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Nanotechnology journal

[Journal cover] Nanotechnology is essential reading for anyone who is interested in the latest advances in nanoscale science and technology. It encompasses the understanding of the fundamental physics, chemistry, biology and technology of nanometre-scale objects and how such objects can be used in the areas of computation, sensors, nanostructured materials and nano-biotechnology.

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Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

Molybdenum disulfide nanosheets – Are they safe?

Determining the biosafety of MoS2 by cytotoxicity assay and electrical impedance studies.

Multifunctional nanocomposites help diagnose and treat cancer

Folic acid modified magnetic-hollow gold nanospheres show great potential for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Can Moore’s Law make a comeback?

New research on hollow semiconductor nanotubes offers hope.

Latest journal content

Comparison of photoresponse of transistors based on graphene-quantum dot hybrids with layered and bulk heterojunctions Jul 30, 2015

Yating Zhang et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335201

In situ plasma sputtering synthesis of ZnO nanorods–Ag nanoparticles hybrids and their application in non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensing Jul 30, 2015

Dan Zhang et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335502

Electron transport within transparent assemblies of tin-doped indium oxide colloidal nanocrystals Jul 30, 2015

J Grisolia et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335702

Galactosylated magnetic nanovectors for regulation of lipid metabolism based on biomarker-specific RNAi and MR imaging Jul 30, 2015

Dan Heo et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335101

TiO 2 , SiO 2 , and Al 2 O 3 coated nanopores and nanotubes produced by ALD in etched ion-track membranes for transport measurements Jul 30, 2015

Anne Spende et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335301

Tuning luminescence and reducing reabsorption of CdSe quantum disks forluminescent solar concentrators Jul 30, 2015

Huichuan Lin et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335401

Thermo-responsive and aqueous dispersible ZnO/PNIPAM core/shell nanoparticles Jul 29, 2015

Halima Alem et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335605

Improved stoichiometry and photoanode efficiency of thermally evaporated CdS film with quantum dots as precursor Jul 29, 2015

Libo Fan et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335606

Introduction of a co-resonant detection concept for mechanical oscillation-based sensors Jul 29, 2015

Christopher F Reiche et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335501

Performance assessments of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes multi-electrode arrays using Cath.a-differentiated (CAD) cells Jul 29, 2015

Du Won Jeong et al 2015 Nanotechnology 26 335701