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Piezo-Z Table for Scanning Microscopy, Fast Focussing Mar 6, 2008

The P-612 Piezo-Z stage was designed to provide very fast response, sub-nanometer precision and highly repeatable motion in the Z-axis.

The P-612 Piezo-Z stage from nanopositioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.
has been specifically designed to provide very fast response, sub-nanometer precision and highly repeatable motion in the Z-axis.
This linear stage is a low-cost addition to the company's large range of leading-edge Z, XY, and XYZ piezo stages and piezo controllers.

Features & Advantages

  • Small Footprint: 60 x 60 mm
  • 100 µm Travel Range
  • Resolution to 0.2 nm
  • For Cost-Sensitive Applications
  • Clear Aperture: 20 x 20 mm
  • PICMA® High-Performance Piezo Actuators

    The new P-612 Z-stage provides a travel range of 100 µm. The space-saving design features a footprint of only 60 x 60 mm. The 20 x 20 mm clear aperture makes them ideally suited for sample positioning in microscopy. Thanks to PICMA® piezoelectric actuator drives and frictionless flexure guidance, P-612 piezo stages provide response times of a few milliseconds and resolutions in the nanometer range.

    Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Versions
    Open- and closed-loop models are available to suit your application. The closed-loop versions are equipped with high-resolution, strain gauge sensors mounted on the flexure guiding system for optimum position stability and responsiveness. The sensors are operated in a full bridge circuit and provide position information with nanometer resolution to the servo-controller.

    Typical Applications
    Interferometry, Microscopy, Nanopositioning, Biotechnology, Quality Assurance, Semiconductor Technology

    Superior Lifetimeline
    Reliability is assured by the use of award-winning PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators, which are integrated into a sophisticated, single-module, flexure guiding system. PICMA® actuators are the only actuators on the market with ceramic-only insulation, making them far superior to conventional actuators in lifetime and performance. The FEA-modeled flexures are wire-EDM-cut for superior guiding precision. In addition they are maintenance-free and not subject to wear.

    P-612 Piezo-Z Stage Data Sheet

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