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PI News: Finger-Tip Sized Linear Stage with Ultrasonic Linear Motor Mar 6, 2008

PI’s patented P-652 piezoelectric linear-motor driven translation stage is significantly smaller than other miniature-stages and provides very high speed and resolution.

PI’s patented P-652 piezoelectric linear-motor driven translation stage is significantly smaller than
other miniature-stages and provides very high speed and resolution. The stage consists of only 4 parts and can replace classical
drive elements like rotary motor/leadscrew assemblies or electromagnetic linear motors in a micro-system.

Measuring only 9.0x6.5x2.4mm, the new P-652 stage offers a travel range of 3.2mm and can move at velocities of up to 80
mm/sec--almost 10 times faster than other micro-stages. Sub-micron resolution, combined with a high holding force of 20 grams,
are state-of-the-art figures for a stage of these minute dimensions.

No Leadscrews -- no Backlash
Because no leadscrews or other rotating parts are involved P-652 systems are absolutely backlash free. Due to its ultrasonic
motor design, power consumption in steady state conditions is zero and no external brake is necessary to maintain a stable

Typical Applications
P-652-series PILine® piezoelectric ultrasonic motor drives are ideal for OEM applications where quantities are high, space is
limited and masses are small. The systems were optimized for moving small objects such as fibers, optomechanical components,
micro-medical devices, micromechanics (or MEMS) fast and precisely.

Features & Advantages
* Cost-Effective, High-Volume-Production Drive
* Resolution: Better than 0.1 microns
* Stage dimensions: 9.0x6.5x2.4 mm
* Velocity: Up to 80 mm/sec
* Holding Force: > 0.2 N
* Stroke: 3.2 mm (customizable)
* Operating current: 55 mA
* Operating voltage (driver electronics): 2.8–3.2V
* Input power (at rest): zero

Simple Design
The P-652 has the simplest possible design, comprising an ultrasonic piezoelectric resonator and two lateral sliders pressed
against it by a spring doubling as moving carriage. The load to be moved is mounted directly on the carriage and moved by a
force of up to 110 mN. The P-652 requires only these 4 parts, unlike conventional electric motors. Highly integrated electronics
are available for 3 V control.

About PILine® Linear Motors

PILine® linear piezomotors are based on a novel, patented ultrasonic drive developed by PI. At the heart of the system is a
rectangular monolithic piezoceramic plate (the stator), segmented on one side by two electrodes. Depending on the desired
direction of motion, the left or right electrode of the piezoceramic plate is excited to produce high-frequency eigenmode
oscillations of tens to hundreds of kilohertz. PILine® motors are vacuum compatible, non-magnetic and self-locking. They are
also more efficient, faster and smaller than conventional motors.

White Paper on Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Micro Motors

About PI
PI is a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for photonics, nanotechnology,
semiconductor and life science applications. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision products
with piezoelectric and electromagnetic drives for 35+ years. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and provides
innovative, high-quality solutions for OEM and research. PI is present worldwide with eight subsidiaries and total staff of 400+.

More Information on the P-652 Micro Translation Stage