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Product details

Miniature Rotation Stages Jun 20, 2008

Company details

CVI Melles Griot
200 Dorado Place SE
United States

Tel: 505 296 9541

These products combine a full 360-degree range with 18-arc-sec. resolution in a single compact unit.

These rotation stages combine a full 360-degree range, with 18-arc-second resolution in a single compact unit. When the locking thumbscrew is engaged, 15 degrees of precision adjustment are available, driven by a stainless steel, 0.35-mm-pitch (73-TPI) thumbscrew for the 07 TRT 507 and by a micrometer for the 07 TRT 508. A 360-degree scale, equipped with a vernier, can be read to 1 degree. The resolution is 18 arc seconds.


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