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Product details

Miniaturized measurement system for nanopositioning of positioning stages Oct 21, 2008

Company details

Piezosystem Jena GmbH
Stockholmer Str. 12

Tel: +49 3641-66880
Fax: +49 3641-668866

piezosystem jena developed an actuator with an integrated measurement system. As with other systems from piezosystem jena, the actuator enables high-precision positioning.

The advantage of the integrated measurement system compared to conventional systems is the removal of a separate electronics assembly. This is now included in the actuator. For that a new development of a temperature compensated actuator mechanics was necessary.

A further advantage is improved resolution, thanks to the elimination of the sensor cable which contributed to the noise of the system.

The handling for the customer is now easier, not only by the removal of the additional separate assembly, but also by making the system only need one cable to connect actuator with the preamplifier. Furthermore, the length of the cable is no longer limited.

The size of the actuator mechanics was not significantly changed notwithstanding the integration of the measurement system.


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