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Product details

Third generation femtosecond lasers offer “entire energy” milliJoule pulses Dec 15, 2008

Company details

Elliot Scientific Ltd.
3 Allied Business Centre
Coldharbour Lane
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1582 766300
Fax: +44 (0)1582 766340

Elliot Scientific now offer the latest high-power ultra-fast Ti:Sapphire amp systems from Femtolasers. The extraordinary features of these third-gen lasers are the culmination of years of experience.

Applications include: Attoscience, Time resolved ultrafast spectroscopy, OPA pumping, TW & PW ultrafast amplifier system front-ends, Femtochemistry, Coherent THz generation, Materials processing and High Harmonic Generation including X-ray generation.

The systems generate the shortest and highest energy optical pulses commercially available with an unrivalled guaranteed stability and an inherently negligible CEP noise from its leading combination of FEMTOSOURCE™ rainbow™ seed oscillator and FEMTOPOWER multi-pass amplifier. This makes it the optimum light source for attosecond and intense laser science.

The pulse-background contrast is also the highest in commercial amplifier systems where the main pulse contains the entire energy without pre-pulses or pedestals.


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