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Product details

High Power Laser and Fiber Alignment System Dec 17, 2008

Company details

Rayscience Optoelectronic Innovation
Unit306,NO.1 Taihong R&D CentreOffice,ShengnanRD59,Shanghai

Tel: 86 21 34635258
Fax: 86 21 34635260

Speciality wavelength coupler is working at 460nm, 532nm, 633nm, 830nm, 1064nm, 1625nm etc, which is making this speciality fiber.

High Power Laser and Fiber Alignment System

Rapid and precise alignment between higher power laser and power optical fiber.

Compact system with alignment fixture, stage and fiber socket in one piece, steady light path and easy calibration.
Cone-shaped socket design with high concentricity, repeatable performance under plug-in and pull-off.
Rapid interlocking structure, easy and reliable to use.
Rapid heat dissipation system, allow long operating hours.

General specifications
Collimated light φ8 (diameter), Focus plane spot size (diameter ) 0.2mm
Two dimensionally adjustable in cross-section,
fitted to M201 drawtube, Tx: 3mm, Ty: 3mm
Power optical fiber in any type, with core diameter above 300μm



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