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Product details

CCHR High-resolution Carbon Nanotube Probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Jun 18, 2009

Company details

Carbon Design Innovations, Inc. (C|D|I)
1745 Adrian Dr.
Unit #20
United States

Tel: +1 650.697.7070
Fax: +1 650.648.0581

The CCHR high-resolution CNT AFM probes are designed for detailed imaging in metrology and materials science applications. The standard CNT probe length is 500 nm, with the exposed CNT tip <200 nm.

Carbon Design Innovations’ (C|D|I) carbon core high-resolution probes (CCHR) atomic force microscopy (AFM) start with a core carbon nanotube (CNT) that is then further processed and stabilized with patented technology resulting in a CNT probe with maximum resolution, imaging lifetime and stability.


Stabilized, robust CNT probe on a standard cantilever
High-resolution CNT tip with the convenience of a silicon cantilever
Longer lifetime allows users compare samples with the same probe with no loss of resolution
Reduced breakage, wear and contamination
Precise length, diameter and angle deliver consistent probe-to-probe results


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