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Product details

Nanosurf easyScan 2 FlexAFM - Your versatile AFM for Materials and Life Science Jul 13, 2009

Company details

Windsor Scientific Ltd
264 Argyll Avenue
Slough Trading Estate
United Kingdom

Tel: 01753 822522
Fax: 01753 822002

The FlexAFM brings a new dimension to the easyScan line of SPMs: adding new AFM modes, liquid imaging, ultra-flat scanning, all with the renowned ease-of-use of the Nanosurf range.

The unique flexure-based electromagnetic XY scanner allows metrology like applications in air or liquid, offering highly linear, ultra-flat, and fast scanning performance.

The introduction of Nanosurf's SureAlign patented technology means that laser alignment is never needed - even when switching between ambient and liquid environments. The top and side view optics offer the user an unrivalled clear view of both sample and probe, even in liquid.

The high quality scanning performance coupled with the ease of transfer from air to liquid environments makes the Nanosurf FlexAFM a versatile and flexible AFM system for a wide range of nanotechnology applications such as polymer science, coatings, semiconductors and other materials and life science studies.