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Product details

Versatile Radiation Controller for Industry and Science Jul 13, 2009

Company details

Scitec Instruments Ltd
The Barn
10a Silver Street
Bradford on Avon
BA15 1JY
United Kingdom

Tel: 01225 864 200
Fax: 01209 314609

Scitec Instruments has introduced the RADIKON radiation controller, which provides control according to the output from a sensor

The new RADIKON from Scitec Instruments is used to provide control depending on the value generated by a detector (e.g. radiation sensor or pressure sensor). If the detector value falls below a certain set point value a relay is activated. This can be used to switch a valve, an alarm buzzer or some other type of module.

A highlight of the RADIKON is its versatility, which makes the module very interesting for industrial developers who need to match the controller to different input signals. The controller can read the generic current of a photodiode (5nA < ISensor < 5µA) as well as 0 - x Volt or 0(4) – 20 mA probe signals, where the value x is user definable.


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