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Product details

CPS Disc Centrifuge Oct 20, 2009

Company details

Analytik Ltd
Unit 4 The Acorn Centre
Chestnut Avenue
SG18 0RA
United Kingdom

Tel: 08709914044
Fax: 08701352488

The CPS Disc Centrifuge is a powerful tool in measuring nano-particle size distributions down to around ~2.0nm with unparalleled resolution capabilities.

Features / Benefits:

• Extremely high resolution with clean separation of narrow peaks that differ in size by as little as 2%
• Able to detect and measure very small and subtle changes/differences in particle size
• Ability to measure/monitor nano-particle coating thickness
• Very high sensitivity; minimum detection limit below 10-8 gram active sample for narrow peaks
• Highly reproducible results; the typical 95% confidence range for reported peak sizes in replicate analyses is +/-1% or better
• Dynamic range capability >1000 for measurement of broad and multimodal distributions
• Measurement of particles of virtually any density using a unique analysis method developed by CPS (US Patent 5,786,898)
• Wide range of data presentation options including multiple distribution overlays