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Paper: Nanopositioning Technique for Image Resolution Enhancement Nov 30, 2009

Auburn, MA –– Piezo nanopositioning specialist PI has published a paper on image resolution enhancement and image stabilization for electronic imaging sensors based on fast piezo actuation.

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Super-Resolution with Pixel Sub-Stepping
With so-called pixel sub-stepping, the recording area is moved on predefined paths with a defined frequency. This “dithering”, where the travel is less than the size of a pixel, causes the pixel to be exposed several times on the recording area, producing a virtual “pixel multiplier” to significantly improve the resolution without negative side-effects.

Today, small and cost efficient piezo devices (in-plane scanners or tip/tilt mechanisms) are available to handle the task. In addition to image resolution enhancement, these devices are also fast enough to remove jitter induced by vibration from images and video.