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Product details

NEW Quantum Design PPMS Scanning Probe Microscopy Inserts Dec 7, 2009

Company details

LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd
1 Mole Business Park
KT22 7BA
United Kingdom

Tel: 01372 378822
Fax: 01372 375353

Our new partner attocube has recently introduced a highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use scanning probe microscope - the new PPMS®-SPM.

Due to its modular design and interchangeable microscopy head, the PPMS®-SPM can be operated in a variety of microscopic modes such as Atomic Force (AFM), Magnetic Force (MFM), and Confocal Microscopy (CFM).

The PPMS®-SPM is designed for plug-and-play compatibility with the popular PPMS® (Physical Property Measurement System) and provides access to a large variety of experimental conditions. Scans are possible even at cryogenic temperatures and with large magnetic fields.

· suitable for a temperature range from 2 K to 400 K
· suitable for magnetic fields up to 16 T
· easily interchangeable SPM head
· large cryogenic scan range (12 x 12 µm2)
· minimum drift in variable field/temperature
· high degree of automatization


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