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Product details

Square capillary tubing with outer dimensions of 120 x 120 ┬Ám twisted axially. Jan 5, 2010

Company details

Chiral Photonics, Inc
PO Box 694
26 Chapin Road, Unit # 1104
Pine Brook
New Jersey
United States

Tel: +1-973-732 0030 ext 114
Fax: +1-973 732 0031

All glass sub micron tubing microfabricated to meet your most physcially demanding applications in vivo or in a tiny micro fluidic lab on chip. Complete custom glass nano scale fabrication expertise.

Photos show:
1) image of the same tube taken with index matching fluid to reveal the 40 x 40 µm twisted capillary
2) Two 28 µm OD fibers braided with a 50 µm pitch
3) A 115 OD fiber tapered to 38 µm while twisting with variable pitch. Image was taken with index matching fluid to reveal the core
4) Splice of 30 µm ID silica tube to standard 125 µm silica fiber. The tube ID is tapered during the splicing operation for alignment purposes and the taper profile can be controlled to accommodate the project needs.