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Product details

Tunable Top Notch Filter Apr 23, 2010

Company details

Photon etc.
219-5795 De Gaspe Avenue
H2S 2X3

Tel: 514-385-9555
Fax: 514-279-5493

Eliminate any laser line within a wide spectral range of 300 nm wide with our tunable notch filter. Selectivity resembles that of a triple spectrograph, but with higher throughput(unpolarized light).

The Tunable Top Notch Filter is optimized for Resonant Raman Spectroscopy using Ti:Saph laser, it can be customized to any specific wavelength range, typically 300 nm wide, from 633 nm to 1.7 µm.

The Tunable Top Notch Filter has a high throughput (up to 80%), with a selectivity similar to that of a triple spectrograph, but at a fraction of the price. Also, our Tunable Top Notch Filter is a compact, easy to align instrument with an intuitive user interface that allows efficient and precise control of the blocked wavelength.

This filter is perfectly matched to our Laser Line Tunable Filter for Raman applications. The Tunable Top Notch Filter has an extremely narrow bandwidth rejection between 0.3 nm to 4 nm (<10cm-1).