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Product details

Nanonics' MultiView 4000TM MultiProbe SPM System Jun 25, 2012

Company details

Nanonics Imaging, Ltd.
Har Hotzvim Hi Tech Park
19 Hartum Street, BYNET Bldg.

Tel: +972-2-678-9573
Fax: +972-2-648-0827

The MultiView 4000 allows up to 4 probes for independent sample imaging and manipulation, and integration with other systems: SEM/FIB, Raman and standard microscopes such as upright, inverted or dual.

With the MultiView 4000, Nanonics Imaging is the first manufacturer to achieve SPM multiprobe imaging. The MultiView 4000 enables the utilization of up to four probes for independent imaging and manipulation of a sample. Nanonics' patented, award-winning 3D FlatScan scanner technology is used in concert with cantilevered, optically and spatially friendly probes. This allows maximum flexibility with the ultimate resolution achievable in scanning probe microscopy.

This flexibility is highlighted by the ability to transparently combine SPM with other optical and electron/ion optical systems. This includes combination with upright, inverted or dual microscopes as well as with Raman microprobes, SEM, FIB and SEM/FIB.


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