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Product details

Dilution Refrigerator for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Aug 13, 2010

Company details

Janis Research Company, Inc.
2 Jewel Drive
PO Box 696
United States

Tel: +1 978-657-8750
Fax: +1 978 658-0349

A custom UHV compatible JDR-500 dilution refrigerator (DR) was tested at Janis Research Company in preparation for installation at NIST’s new Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST).

The system includes a 15 Tesla superconducting magnet with a compensation coil and has central access into the UHV space. Using a top manipulator, the large bore central access allows an STM with in-situ prepared sample and probe tip to be translated into the magnet center without warming up the system above 4 K. An integral pre-cooling circuit is used to cool the system to 4 K without the need for any helium exchange gas.

The first test of the system confirmed that it achieves a 10 mK base temperature with approximately 100 shielded wires attached to the MC, and provides a cooling power of greater than 300 µW at 100 mK in both the 1 K Pot and JT operating modes.

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