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Product details

eLockIn - a quad-channel lock-in amplifier series Aug 25, 2010

Company details

Anfatec Instruments AG
Melanchthonstr. 28
Oelsnitz (V)

Tel: +49 (0) 37421 24212
Fax: +49 (0) 37421 24221

Anfatec's eLockIn - a series of digital quad-channel lock-in amplifiers - special offer just in October 2010.

Differential/dual input. Dual reference. Dual harmonic. Color TFT. Spectrum acquisition --
With 40 MHz input sampling rate on two inputs, Anfatec's digital lock-in amplifiers allow an artifact free lock-in amplification over a large frequency range between 10 mHz and 1 MHz. In A&B mode, the 4 lock-in channels are used as dual input. In A or A-B mode, dual harmonic detection is available. A versatile channel selection, 156 kHz analogue output rate and a TCP/IP interface allow the implementation into a wide variety of applications. Integrated noise spectra, Q-factor estimation and measurement tools ease the stand-alone use. The unique LoL (lock-in on lock-in) mode in dual reference eLockIns realizes two 2-channel lock-in amplifiers in one single device with optimized performance.