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EasyTube™ 3000 Advanced Catalytic CNT and Nanowire CVD System Sep 2, 2010

Most advanced thermal chemical vapor deposition process tool for nanomaterials synthesis and thin film deposition. Capable of synthesizing a myriad of nanostructures and thin films.

EasyTube™ 3000 is capable of synthesizing a myriad of nanostructures and thin film including SWCNT, MWCNT, Graphene, Semiconducting nanowires like Si, Ge, ZnO, GaN, BN, & thin film such as SiGe, SiO2 & Si3N4 using selected combinations of hydrides, liquid & solid precursors. The EasyTube is now being used for materials growth across many industries including nanoelectronics,semiconductor, photovoltaic, MEMS, composite, and structural coatings, etc.

Turn-key system capabilities with support equipment such as Gas Cabinets and Exhaust Gas Conditioning Systems. All major components from one vendor makes interfacing easy. Our EasyGas™ gas cabinet is capable of delivering a variety of toxic & hazardous gases. The EasyExhaust™ System will
thermally pyrolyze and wet scrub the process effluents.


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