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Piezo Mechanics Catalog: Piezo Actuators, Piezo Motors, Piezo Stage Systems Nov 5, 2010

PI a leading manufacturer of piezo ceramic actuators and precision motion-control equipment for semiconductor, biomedical & nanotechnology applications has released a new catalog on Piezo Mechanisms

Piezo Mechanisms Catalog

The 400-page catalog presents PI’s complete spectrum of piezomechanic components and motion systems, from simple direct actuators, to long-travel ceramic linear motors and complex multi-axis flexure guided nanopositioning stages and digital control electronics.
Different Types of Piezo Mechanisms Solve Different Problems:

Direct Piezo Actuators: Z-Stacks, Shear (X, XY)
 Highest Force (to 10,000 lbf)
 Fastest Response: Microseconds to Milliseconds)
 Short Travel Ranges: 2-100 µm

Piezo Flexure Lever Actuators
Ultrasonic Linear Motors
PiezoWalk® Linear Motors
Piezo Flexure Positioning Stages

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