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Product details

Precision Capacitive Sensor for Position Measurement – MicroSense Model 6810 Nov 8, 2010

Company details

MicroSense, LLC
70 Industrial Avenue East
United States

Tel: +1 978-843-7670
Fax: +1 978-856-3375

The MicroSense 6810 is a low noise, non-contact capacitive sensor designed for measuring position and displacement with nanometer resolution over ranges up to 2 mm, at bandwidths up to 100 kHz.

MicroSense introduces the model 6810 high resolution capacitive position sensor. The 6810 is ideal for measuring “high dynamic” targets that change position, rotate or vibrate at very high speeds. It works with any grounded, conductive target – metal, silicon, etc., including poorly grounded targets such as air bearing mechanisms. Nanometer and even sub-nanometer resolution is possible. Measurement bandwidths is selectable up to 100 kHz for ultra-fast output response. The sensor output is analog, ± 10 vdc for simple connection to A/D cards.