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Product details

The BRR Microscope Mar 29, 2011

Company details

DME Nanotechnologie GmbH
Am Listholze 82

Tel: +49 700 1811 0700

Fully integrated hybrid Electron / Scanning Probe Microscope, based on a DME UHV AFM and a Carl Zeiss Auriga(R) Crossbeam Scanning Electron Microscope

The DME BRR combines the two high resolution microscopy techniques, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy, in a single system. The powerful DME UHV AFM, a compact AFM designed for single atomic resolution in all three dimensions, supports all standard AFM cantilevers. The cantilever tip is positioned in the so-called crossbeam point, the intersection point of the electron beam and an optional focused ion beam. The AFM is mounted on a tiltable stage which permits both the SEM and the FIB to operate either from the top or from the side, and image or manipulate both cantilever tip and sample surface. The integrated software interface for both SEM and AFM operation makes this the perfect high-end surface inspection and manipulation tool on routine basis.


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