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Single mode to Multimode Fiber Patch Cables Apr 11, 2011

Company details

EY Connect,Inc
No.5, Industrial East Rd.,

Tel: +886.3577617

These fiber optic patch cables are used to link multimode and single mode interfaces.

Mode conditioning patch cable (MCP) is a duplex multiple mode cable that has a small length of single mode fiber at the start of the transmission length.Without using Mode conditioning patch cord , multiple signals are generated when a singlemode laser launch into the center of a multimode fiber. This would result in pulse broadening .unlike single mode fiber patch cables and multimode fiber patch cables,Mode Conditioning Patch cord contains both smf and mmf part, it is also known as Gigabit Launch Patch cord,which is used in longwave/long haul (LX/LH) Gigabit Interface Converter (GBICs) with multimode fiber.


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