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Product details

PM Optical Fiber Couplers Apr 14, 2011

Company details

Pearlyond Technologies
20019 Settimo Milanese Villaggio Cavour, Italy

Tel: 02.530.31.20

PM optical coupler are with high polarization extinction ratio (PER) and low insertion loss,used for high speed communication networks.

These optical coupler enjoy inherent advantages because there is no deformation in the wave-guide cores. Furthermore, since the two Panda fiber halves are placed in direct contact with each other, these PM fiber couplers are more resistant to aging and environmental effects.

The Polarization Maintaining (PM) optical couplers utilize evanescent wave coupling to provide a fixed ratio 2x2 coupler, with high polarization extinction ratio (PER) and low insertion loss.

Several different wavelength versions are available in different coupling ratios. All the couplers have standard 1m pigtails and FC/APC connectors.


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