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Product details

NanoInk's New Forece Sensor and Pen array Levelling System Jun 28, 2011

Company details

NanoInk, Inc.
8025 Lamon Avenue
United States

Tel: +1 847 745 3619
Fax: +1 847 679 8767

Enables automation and higher throughput from Dip Pen Nanolithography

NanoInk's® NanoFabrication Systems Division is pleased to announce that it will launch its new force sensor and levelling devices at the Nanotech Conference and Expo, part of TechConnect World. NanoInk will also be presenting an oral paper on the technology behind the latest advancement of Dip Pen Nanolithography® (DPN®).

Force sensing with 1D levelling is a new feature which has been introduced on the NanoArrayer 3000™, which was launched last week by NanoInk's Nano BioDiscovery division and is also available as an option on NanoInk's NLP 2000. When combined with the automation software option, it facilitates automated pen array levelling and surface plane correction as well as wizards for printing micro and nano-arrays of uniform features across an entire glass microscope slide.


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