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Product details

Extended Reach X2 Modules ER/ZR Jul 5, 2011

Company details

Fiber Optic Comm, Inc.
No.5 Bade Road, Sec. 4, Taipei 105, Taiwan

Tel: 886.2528189

These X2 10gb modules support 10Gbps OC192/STM-6 SONET/SDH, OC192 VSR and 10G Fibre Channel,extended range up to 80km.

X2 transceivers module support a wide range of 10Gbps standards, include the 10Gbps Ethernet, OC192/STM-6 SONET/SDH, OC192 VSR and 10G Fibre Channel.typical products of the extended range transceivers are x2 10gb er,x2 10gb zr and Xenpak 10gb zr.X2 is hot swappable for 10Gbps use.We are fiber optic transceiver manufacturers for the X2 10Gb,VCSEL,they use DFB or EA-DFB transmitter,PIN-PD or APD with CDR,MSA compliant.


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