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Product details

ND-R Rotatory Dip Coater Jan 17, 2013

Company details

Nadetech Innovations S.L.
C/ Garajonay 19 Bajo

Tel: +34 948065567

The ND-R Rotatory Dip Coater offers the possibility of programming a complete dipping sequence in different liquids or gels due to its 2-axis movement. It is perfect for the deposition of multilayers.

The ND-R Coater enjoys a 2-axis programmable system. One axis is for vertical displacement and the other for the rotation in the horizontal plane. This configuration offers a high versatility for multistep deposition which requires the consecutive immersion in vessels with different solutions. The range of immersion and dipping-out speed is very broad, from a minimum speed of 0.6 to a maximum of 2400 mm per minute.

Depending of the volume and size of the vessels used for the deposition, from 4-steps cycles (using 4 standard 250 ml beakers) to 8-steps cycles (using 8 standard 50 ml beakers) can be arranged with the standard ND-R Coater. These cycles can be repeated as many times as desired by the user. For special needs it is also possible to increase the number of steps in a single cycle.


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