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Product details

Plano convex/Plano concave/Bi-convex/Meniscus/ Bi-concave spherical lens Dec 29, 2011

Company details

ChangChun Zhohome Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd
No.517,ShenZhen Street 1-1,Economic and Technology Development Zone

Tel: 86-0431-81905988

*Material:Bk7,fused silica,CaF2,MgF2,BaF2,ZnSe infrared optical crystals. *Focal length:+/-1% *Length tolerance:+0.0 - -0.1mm *Width tolerance:+0.0 - -0.1mm

Plano-Convex Lens is widely use in optical display systems, projection optics systems, imaging optical systems, and laser measurement systems. It is best use where conjugate point-- object distance, S or image distance S' is more than five times of the other. This lens is almost the most super form for both collimating a point source and focusing collimated light



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