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Glass cuvette, Plastic cuvette, Quartz cuvette Dec 29, 2011

Company details

ChangChun Zhohome Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd
No.517,ShenZhen Street 1-1,Economic and Technology Development Zone

Tel: 86-0431-81905988

Glass, with a wavelength from 380 to 780 nm (visible spectrum) Plastic, with a wavelength from 380 to 780 nm (visible spectrum) Quartz, with a wavelength below 380 nm (ultraviolet spectrum)

"A cuvette is a kind of laboratory glassware,usually a small tube of circular or square cross section,sealed at one end, made of plastic,glass,or optical grade quartz(for UV light)and designed to hold samples for spectroscopic experiments.The best cuvettes are as clear as possible,without impurities that might affect a spectroscopic reading.
Cuvette is used to hold the sample fluid.With the ultraviolet radiation it can see the qualitative and quantitative analysis of substance constituent by the spectrophotometer."



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