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The Impedans Octiv VI Probe Mar 15, 2012

Company details

Impedans Ltd
Unit 8 Woodford Court
Woodford Business Park, Santry
Dublin 17

Tel: 00353 1 842 8826
Fax: 00353 1 891 6519

The Octiv VI Probe is a useful RF Power delivery monitoring system. Installed pre-match as a high performance power meter or post match for high accuracy measurements of delivered power to the process

The Octiv Single Frequency VI Probe measures the Voltage, Current, Phase, Impedance, Harmonics, Real Power, Forward Power and Reflected Power delivered to a plasma chamber by an RF source.

Octiv is a single frequency, inline RF VI Probe. The probe contains an RF VI sensor and high speed data acquisition system, utilising an ultra high-speed digital Fourier Transform for high accuracy measurement of fundamental RF voltage, current and phase.

The Octiv probe is housed in a single, compact enclosure, and is easily installed on all high power RF equipment encountered in the laboratory or industrial environment. A USB connection provides power and data access to the sensor. An adaptor kit can be supplied with the probe to enable connection with standard RF equipment.


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