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Product details

Ge Wafer , Ge substrates, Germanium May 10, 2012

Company details

NewWay Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
No.154 HanCheng Road.

Tel: (86)29-8637 1570
Fax: (86)29-8635 9690

We can offer both electronics grade and IR grade Ge wafer to meet your special requirement .

Growth Method:VGF
Dopant: n-type: As , p-type: Ga
Diameter: 3inch 4inch
Orientation: (100) 6~9 deg +/-0.5deg off towards the nearest (111)
Primary Flat Orientation:(100)+/-0.5deg
Thickness: 175um
Dopant Concentration (cm-3):>1x10^17
Resistivity (
Surface Treatment:SSP or DSP


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