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Product details

NanoScan SMPS Nanoparticle Sizer Model 3910 May 16, 2012

Company details

TSI Incorporated
500 Cardigan Road
United States

Tel: 866.266.5919

Provides real-time nanoparticle size distribution measurements down to 10 nanometers in a portable and affordable package.

The TSI NanoScan SMPS opens the door to routine nanoparticle size measurements. This revolutionary sizer fits a TSI SMPS™ Spectrometer into a portable package that is about the size of a basketball. Easy to use, lightweight and battery-powered, NanoScan SMPS enables investigators to collect valuable nanoparticle size data from more sites. Derived from TSI core technologies, the NanoScan SMPS is an innovative, cost effective solution for real-time nanoparticle size measurements.

For applications ranging from Applications
•General applied research
•Indoor/outdoor air quality investigations
•Nanotechnology/nanoparticle applications
•Combustion/emission research
•Mobile studies
•Health effects/inhalation toxicology
•Occupational hygiene/workplace exposure monitoring