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Product details

The Hydra - The World’s Only Multi-Probe Bio-AFM Workstation Jun 25, 2012

Company details

Nanonics Imaging, Ltd.
Har Hotzvim Hi Tech Park
19 Hartum Street, BYNET Bldg.

Tel: +972-2-678-9573
Fax: +972-2-648-0827

Awarded Microscopy Today’s 2010 Innovation Award

The Nanonics Hydra multi-probe Bio-AFM Workstation facilitates leading edge multi-functional Bio AFM applications with Ultra Sensitive Tuning Fork Feedback in a Liquid Cell environment.

The transparent Hydra enables seamless integration with any upright or inverted optical microscope, without any geometric or optical obstruction. Its unique design is ideal for both standard fluorescence techniques such as confocal, TIRF, FRET and DIC, as well as advanced optical methodologies such as 4pi configurations and many non-linear optical protocols. The Hydra also offers advanced chemical imaging – such as NSOM and AFM-Raman with TERS.

The Hydra includes our world renowned NanoToolKit™ glass based, transparent AFM probes and nanopipette probes for conductance and patch clamp applications.


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