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Product details

Fiber Optical Cable Sep 25, 2012

Company details

Sopto Tecnology Co.,Ltd.

Tel: +8675536946668

The fibre-optic cable for measuring liquid levels detects the level of almost any liquid.Whereby it is irrelevant whether the liquid is clear or opaque.

The detection principle is based on the differing refractive indices of air and liquids. There is a large difference between the refractive index of the plastic and the air when the tip of the sensor is in the air. The light beam is completely reflected and returned to the receiver. The difference in the refractive index of plastic and liquid is, however, considerably smaller when the tip of the sensor is in the liquid. The majority of the light beam is then absorbed by the liquidand only a very small amount of light returns to the receiver. The level of the liquid is thus determined.


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