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Product details

Self-repairing Nano-composite grease(for industry) Jan 22, 2013

Company details

Guilin Wyman Nanomaterials Co., Ltd
Rm.505, University Science & Technology Park ,Guilin National Hi-tech Zone,

Tel: +86-773-8990311
Fax: +86-773-8991677

We have complete series of lubricants, which can satisfy the lubricating needs of aviation/aerospace, military equipments, ships, industrial machineries, and all kinds of vehicles.

The nanoparticles in the grease will be activated by the in-situ high temperature caused by working friction, which produces a microfused effect. The nanopartcles then form a self-repairing cermets coating which is ultra-slippery, super-hard, super wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and non-fallen-off. The newly formed coating fills up the grinding scratches, reduces friction, saves energy, reduces emission, and boosts engine power output. Furthermore, the nanoparticles inside the lubricant will help clean the carbon deposits, separate sludge from lubricant or grease, and improve the lubricant/grease’s antioxygenic and corrosion-resistant properties.


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