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PbS based nanoparticles for NIR/IR emission - Quantum Dots Jun 10, 2013

The CANdots Series C are lead-based quantum dots with emission in the NIR/IR from 1000 to 1600 nm. Soluble in organic solvents they are suitable for applications in the material science area.

Pb-based semiconductor nanoparticles for the use as IR emitters (1000 to 1600 nm) or absorbers. They are soluble in nonpolar organic solvents like hexane, toluene or chloroform and have a narrow size distributions. They are available with particle diameters between 3 and 6 nm which corresponds to the emission wavelength. As the PbS particles absorb light in the UV/VIS and NIR range they are highly suitable as absorber material in solar cells.
Modifications made to the particles or their surface can further enhance their possible application in IR detectors or in the area of photovoltaics.


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