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Product details

Polarization Maintaining(PM) PLC Splitters PM coupler 1310nm 1550nm Jun 10, 2013

Company details

Fiberer Global Tech limited
C-1703, JiaNanMeiDi, Shennan Road 12031
with Nanxin Road Converged,Nantou,Nanshan District

Tel: 86-755-33201588
Fax: 86-755-33201568

Fiberer products include Mechanical Optical Switch, PLC Splitter, PM coupler, PM Isolator, High Power Isolator, Optic Circulator, Filter WDM ,PM DWDM ... etc.

Polarization Maintaining(PM)
PM Splitter
PM PLC Splitters
Polarization Maintaining(PM) PLC Splitter Coupler
PM Isolator ( 850nm )
PM Isolator ( 980nm )
PM Isolator ( 1060nm )
PM Isolator ( 1310nm 1480nm 1550nm )
PM Tap Isolator ( 1310nm to 1590nm )
PM Mechanical Switch (1x2)
PM Mechanical Switch (1x4)
PM Mechanical Switch (2x2)
PM Couplers ( 1060nm 1310nm 1550nm)
PM Filter Coupler Module ( 1x4 / 1x8 )
PM Circulator ( 850nm )
PM Circulator ( 980nm )
PM circulator ( 1x2 2x2 1064nm )
PM Circulator ( 1310nm 1550nm )
PM circulator ( 1x2 2x2 1310nm 1550nm ) new
PM Circulator ( 4 Port 1310nm 1550nm )



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