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Product details

China stainless steel glove box manufacturer Jul 8, 2013

Company details

Etelux Inertgas-System (Beijing) Co., Ltd
changping line

Tel: 861061705330

no O2/water operate environment easy to operate and detection siemens PLC control system gas purification system accessories

China stainless steel glove box manufacturer

The Lab2000 series Glovebox design is based on a modular platform allowing customers to expand existing Gloveboxes to meet increasing working space requirements.

Expansion features include additional transfer chambers for thru flow work processes, cold storage freezers, process vacuum ovens and furnaces and full line of accessories.

The Gas Purifiers provide a < 1ppm O2 and H2O Inert Atmosphere required for a multitude of air sensitive applications.

Related accessories (optional)

water analyzer and Oxygen analyzer both 0 to 1000 ppm;
refrigerator - 36 to -78 centigrade;
with separate light microscope;
organic solvent adsorption system;
a variety of gas-liquid interfaces and transfer chamber.


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