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Product details

STE35 MBE System for conventional semiconductors growth in A3B5 systems Dec 3, 2013

Company details

Engels avenue, 27, bld. 5, lit.A
Russian Federation

Tel: +2 812 633 05 96

STE35 is a modern technological platform for precise growth of epitaxial layers on wafers with diameter of 2”, 3”, 100 mm, as well as three 2” wafers on the same platen.

System has specific feature allowing significant correction of growth geometry by vertical movement of growth
manipulator along with the wafer platen. It allows to combine two growth positions in one chamber: one is
“research” where growth can be carried out without wafer rotation, with active use of RHEED and providing
acceptable uniformity of epitaxial layer. The other one is “production” position, where growth is carried out with
rotation only and high layers uniformity is provided for large wafer diameters.
Basic configuration:
• growth chamber with a vertical growth geometry, growth chamber pumping by ion pump, cryopanel
and sublimation pump
• 8 ports for effusion cells with shutters + 2 extra ports (without shutters) for valve crackers


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