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STE ICP Technological platform for plasma chemical etching and deposition Dec 3, 2013

Company details

Engels avenue, 27, bld. 5, lit.A
Russian Federation

Tel: +2 812 633 05 96

STE ICP series is intended in two basic modifications: STE ICPe (Plasma Chemical Etching) and STE ICPd (PECVD). Maximum diameter of wafers is up to 200 mm with possibility of using free shape samples.

STE ICPe68L - Automated Systems for plasma chemical etching in combined plasma of capacitive and inductive discharge
STE ICPe completely utilizes all specific features of controlled plasma etching processes of semiconductor,
dielectric and metallic layers. The system allows two types of plasma excitation: capacitive (flat water-cooled electrode) and inductive (flat ICP-source).
STE ICPd81L - Automated Systems for plasma chemical deposition of dielectrics (SiNx, SiO2, etc.) in inductive
coupled plasma
Flat inductive source with automatic matching is used for plasma generation. Wafers are placed
on heated table, where alternate potential can be supplied, which fixed frequency can be chosen (at the stage of the order) from the range of 300÷1000 kHz.


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