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Product details

Phabler 100: Photolithography system for high-resolution photonic patterning Dec 18, 2013

Company details

Villigen PSI

Tel: 41 56 310 4279
Fax: 41 56 310 4153

"Phabler 100" is a unique photo-lithography system for printing periodic nano-structures, such as gratings and photonic crystals for research applications and low-volume production.

The PhableR 100 tool provides unprecedented ability to print high resolution periodic structures in a low-cost photolithography system. It is similar to a conventional mask-aligner where a photoresist coated wafer is put in proximity to a mask and exposed by a beam of UV light, but thanks to the break-through PHABLE exposure technology of Eulitha the resolution is no longer limited by diffraction.
In the “PHABLE” mode, sub-micron linear gratings and 2D patterns such as hexagonal and square lattices are printed with high uniformity and quality. In the “mask aligner” mode, micron scale features can be printed easily.


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