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Product details

NEW: MSHD-300 Double Monochromator from LOT Apr 8, 2014

Company details

LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd
1 Mole Business Park
KT22 7BA
United Kingdom

Tel: 01372 378822
Fax: 01372 375353

For applications where the scattered light performance of a single monochromator is not sufficient, the MSHD-300 double monochromators are available.

These devices are supplied with either additive or subtractive dispersion. An optional swing away mirror allows selection of double or single operation - a useful feature in UV-VIS-NIR systems.

Key Features:
- Focal length: 600 mm
- Fully automated software control
- USB 2.0 interface
- 190 nm - 24 μm (grating dependent)
- Software development kit with code examples for C, C++, Delphi, VBA and LabView
- Fixed, variable or motorised slit assemblies
- Order sorting wheel

As with the MSH-300, the position of the grating is controlled with a precise microstepping drive unit. Up to three gratings can be mounted on each turret, which can in turn be rotated through 360°, allowing software selection of grating type and position.


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