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Product details

Sample management heating solutions for in-situ electron microscopy Jun 26, 2014

Company details

LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd
1 Mole Business Park
KT22 7BA
United Kingdom

Tel: 01372 378822
Fax: 01372 375353

LOT-QuantumDesign have been appointed UK distributor of DENSsolutions throughout the UK & Ireland

The heating (or quenching) of samples inside the (S)TEM such that the dynamics (e.g. of phase transformations and reactions at high temperatures) can be directly observed, recorded and quantified as they occur in real time and at atomic resolution. Traditional heating holders have never been capable of delivering these demanding requirements due to high power consumption and resulting excessive drift. The DENSsolutions in-situ heating systems replace traditional TEM grids (driven by lab-on-chip sample carriers) and are at the top of their class and deliver unrivalled capabilities in terms of response time, stability and accuracy.



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