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CANdots Series G - His Detect for Western Blotting Jul 24, 2014

Fast and reliable alternative to ECL for detection of poly-histidine tagged recombinant proteins during your blotting experiments. Convenient, economic, sensitive and selective reagent.

His Detect is a ready-to-use reagent for the detection
of poly histidine tagged proteins in blot assays. It is
composed of conjugates made of antibodies reactive
against C- and anti-N terminal poly-hisitdine tags and
optimized gold nanoparticles.

His Detect can be used to simply speed up your
standard ECL western blot tremendously, but it offers
additional applications which have the potential to
ease your life as protein expressionists.
• High-throughput expression studies
Dot blot in 96-well format, detection with His Detect
indicates effective expression kinetics
• Establishing a Protein Purification Protocol
Parallel spotting of elution fractions on NC allows for
concurrent monitoring of your purification process


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