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Product details

BNNT - New Pricing and 10B & 11B May 19, 2016

Company details


BNNT, LLC is pleased to announce that the price of its P1-Beta BNNT product is now $700/gram. This reduction from $1,000/gram is made possible by our continued advancement in production processes.

In response to customer requests, we now offer two new products:
10B P1-Beta BNNT with 96% boron 10 at $1,000/gram.
11B P1-Beta BNNT with 98% boron 11 at $1,000/gram.
The 10B and 11B P1-Beta BNNTs are chemically the same as our P1-Beta BNNT with natural boron (20% 10B and 80% 11B), and they support R&D in areas sensitive to the neutrons in the local environment.

Please let us know special requests that will advance your R&D and product developments.