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A look at how nanotechnology benefits solar cells, water treatment, wind turbines and other clean energy applications

Technology update

Array of hope for silicon solar cells

The enhanced light absorption in single silicon nanowires does prevail when scaled up into nanowire arrays

Nanotubes make for better lithium-ion batteries

Semiconducting or metallic? SWCNT electronic type affects lithiation

Polymer sorts carbon nanotubes

Technique separates semiconducting tubes from metallic ones, and smaller-diameter tubes from bigger ones

Flexible TEG breaks new power record

Thermoelectric generator could be used in mobile phones, laptops, biomedical sensors and other portable devices

Lab talk

Lithium ion batteries: nanostructured composites improve storage properties

Introducing reduced graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes can stabilize transition metal oxides.

Boron nitride can harvest mechanical vibrations at the nanoscale

Piezoelectric properties provide an all-in-one solution to energy harvesting.

Going beyond the traditional electromagnetic generator

Combining existing technology with new triboelectric generators has promise for portable electronics

How does size affect the piezoelectric properties of ZnO nanowires?

Surface effects are negligible for nanowire diameters larger than 15 Å