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5: Biocompatible lasers

Riccardo Sapienza and Marta Castro Lopez show us their research creating biocompatible lasers that could be used to diagnose disease.

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A look at how nanotechnology benefits solar cells, water treatment, wind turbines and other clean energy applications

Technology update

Coffee grounds capture carbon

A simple soak and heating process renders waste coffee grounds into an effective environmental resource.

Testing the state of electroluminescence losses

Scanning tunnelling luminescence studies reveal mechanisms behind efficiency losses in gallium arsenide devices.

Making perovskite solar cells more stable

New work might help in the future commercialization of these low-cost, efficient devices.

Piezoelectric nanogenerators come of age

(with audio) First definition of figures of merit for piezoelectric nanomaterials enables comparison between different studies.

Lab talk

InAs nanowires for heat conversion

Low thermal conductivity of nanowires enhances thermoelectric performance

Tackling challenges in computer-based screening of battery electrolytes

Researchers from the US Army Research Laboratory have designed a distributed multi-scale computing framework that allows quantum chemistry computations to screen multiple distributed computational resources for promising battery materials.

Artificial protein-directed synthesis of solar-cell material

Using mutant proteins to enhance the performance of a dye-sensitized solar cell.

Big data materials science for safer nuclear reactors

Reducing the possibility of hydrogen explosions during nuclear meltdowns with new iron-based coatings.