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3: Manipulating light with metamaterials

Silvia Peruch and Nicolas Olivier show us their work in Anatoly Zayat's Lab at King's College London looking at metamaterials.

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A look at how nanotechnology benefits solar cells, water treatment, wind turbines and other clean energy applications

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Supercapacitors take the heat

New flexible devices work very well at elevated temperatures.

Graphene coating boosts battery performance

The capacity of a lithium-ion battery can be nearly doubled by using an anode made from tiny nanoparticles of silicon wrapped in several layers of graphene.

Ferrocene makes good semi-liquid battery

New energy storage device bridges the gap between batteries and capacitors.

Improving LFP battery cathodes

Researchers make new high storage capacity 3D composite from reduced graphene oxide loaded with lithium iron phosphate nanoparticles.

Nanomagnetic effects find a cool application

(with audio) The observation of the magnetocaloric effect in readily fabricated thin films suggests nanostructures may be exploited in refrigeration.

Top-grade perovskite boosts solar cells

(with audio) A hot-casting solution-processing technique produces perovskite crystals with millimetre size grain cells.

Protons penetrate graphene

Although theory suggests graphene is impermeable to protons, recent experiments show proton conductance of a single layer may be high.

Plasmons excite hot carriers

New theory could help enhance solar-energy conversion in photovoltaic devices and make better photocatalysts.

A dip in seawater energizes graphene

First observations of an induced "waving potential" when graphene is dipped into an ionic solution suggests possible applications in self-powered sensors and monitors, as well as in remote ocean devices.

Array of hope for silicon solar cells

The enhanced light absorption in single silicon nanowires does prevail when scaled up into nanowire arrays

Nanotubes make for better lithium-ion batteries

Semiconducting or metallic? SWCNT electronic type affects lithiation

Polymer sorts carbon nanotubes

Technique separates semiconducting tubes from metallic ones, and smaller-diameter tubes from bigger ones

Flexible TEG breaks new power record

Thermoelectric generator could be used in mobile phones, laptops, biomedical sensors and other portable devices

Nickel nanofilm protects silicon PEC anode

A new corrosion-resistant electrode for use in photoelectrochemical cells could help in the development of large-scale hydrogen generators in the future

Ultrathin solar cell is efficient and easy to make

Perovskite-based devices have better than 15% light-conversion efficiency

Colloidal zinc phosphide for photovoltaics

Semiconducting nanocrystals are promising candidates for efficient solar cells

Porous polymers made simple

Single-step process could make life easier for manufacturers of catalytic converters and other products requiring hierarchically porous structures

Strained WS2 nanosheets boost hydrogen production

2D tungstenite might give platinum catalysts a run for their money

Exposed nanofilm edge states make good HER catalyst

2D molybdenum and tungsten selenide on curved surfaces appear to be active electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction

Phototransistor combines graphene and chlorophyll

Approach boosts sensitivity to light