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5: Biocompatible lasers

Riccardo Sapienza and Marta Castro Lopez show us their research creating biocompatible lasers that could be used to diagnose disease.

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A look at how nanotechnology benefits solar cells, water treatment, wind turbines and other clean energy applications

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Inverse nanosphere lithography orders CNT array

Masking method might benefit mobile phones, solar-cell electrodes, super capacitors and field emitters

Nanotubular morphology upgrades lithium-ion storage

Hollow and semi-hollow electrode materials pave the way for better batteries

3D nanopillars make good photovoltaics

Devices built on low-cost, flexible substrates show promising light-conversion efficiencies

CNT arrays for photonics

Deep-UV photonic crystals and total optical absorbers are some of the applications for multiwalled nanotube arrays

Nanoblade array confronts hydrogen storage bottleneck

Vanadium-decorated magnesium nanoblade array put to the test

Honda eyes nanowires for multi-junction cells

20 nm columns made of five different semiconductor materials avoid lattice mismatch and overall cell size limitations

Locking nanoparticle prevents gas leakage

Russian team investigates methane storage in bottle-like nanocapsules

In situ doped titanium dioxide nanotubes come out on top

Photocatalyst offers higher illumination area, extended absorption range and reduced electron-hole recombination rate

Photoelectrochemical efficiency of titania photoanodes enhanced

Nanostructure synthesis and plasma surface modification ramp up performance of solar-to-hydrogen conversion candidate

Spray-on carbon nanotube electrodes offer scalable solution

Supercapacitors and paper batteries could benefit from modified spray deposition technique

Graphane makes its debut

Hydrogenating graphene produces new 2D insulator

Rapid prototyping: silicon nanostructures realized in two hours

FIB and cryogenic DRIE combined to speed up prototyping of high aspect ratio nanostructures

Nanowires improve dye-sensitized solar cells

3D electrode interface increases conversion efficiency

CNTs tuned to provide electrocatalyst support

Mild method for preparing carbon nanotubes for fuel-cell applications best of 2008

Top five most viewed stories of the year

Superconductor switches on and off

Discovery could lead to faster and more efficient transistors

Scaling up graphene production

New scalable technique to make high-quality, single-layer graphene sheets

SmCo nanoblades make good magnets

Highly ferromagnetic samarium cobalt nanoparticles in a simple one-step process

Nanomatrix puts tungsten within reach of goal

Magnetic and electrical anomalies raise hopes of high-temperature superconducting phase

DIY solar cells on tour

Nanostructured device can be made by anyone in 15 minutes under ambient conditions