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1: Increasing control of optical properties with magnetoplasmonics

Paolo Vavassori describes research combining magnetic properties with plasmonic systems.

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Using nanotechnology to enhance the performance of LEDs and other light sources

Lab talk

Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

Electron beam lithography forms 2D hybrid photonic crystal slab

Nanocrystal inclusions allow developers to manipulate refractive index and light-emitting properties of polymer film

Multicolour biomarkers formed by encapsulating organic dyes in nano matrix

Nanocomposites offer higher brightness, longer lifetime and stronger resistance to photobleaching

Laser-assisted synthesis of gold-silver nanochains

Necklace-like assembly with non-linear optical properties formed using custom-made copper vapour laser

High-speed laser scanning forms periodic nano-trenches on silicon

Japanese researchers demonstrate high-throughput fabrication of nanostructures over a large area using dual laser set-up

Investigating low-temperature optical properties of nanorod LED arrays

Researchers examine low-temperature electroluminescence of GaN test devices to understand light extraction benefits in more detail

Laser-assisted CVD modulates CNT diameter

Segmented carbon nanotubes show diode-like device behaviour

GaN-nanoworld shaped to optimize optoelectronics

Close to conventional growth process could push LEDs closer to efficiency limits

Laser welding boosts efficiency of TiO2 solar cells

Irradiating inter-electrode interface with UV beam during manufacture improves current flow in dye-sensitized solar cells

LEDs for high-efficiency solid-state lighting

Could embedded photonic crystals be the way forwards?

Nitrides at the Nanoscale

Nanoscale structure of nitride LEDs has a profound impact on performance

Road towards wearable organic displays

Researchers demonstrate top emission solution processed OLED featuring CNT transparent electrode

Silver catalyst triggers growth of 2nm ultrathin single-crystal ZnO nanobelts

Simple silver-catalysed vapour transport method delivers uniform version of popular nanomaterial

Nanourchins offer protection from intense laser pulses

MIT study reveals design path for optimizing the optical limiting effect of nanospined particles

Polarization enables dopant-free nanowire devices

Ability to form polarization-induced electron or hole carriers in GaN-based nanowires removes need to introduce dopant atoms to create functional devices

High-speed femtosecond laser induced nanostructuring

Universal approach should suit almost any solid material including dielectric, semiconducting or metallic surfaces

White electroluminescence from nanowire arrays

LEDs on silicon substrates combine multiple emission colours from InGaN nanowires to produce white light without phosphor conversion

Lasers write semiconducting nanoparticles inside silica monoliths

Local generation of nanoparticles deep within or just under the surface of silica xerogel

SERS aggregates patterned by laser trapping

Optical trapping of plasmonic nanoparticles and bubble formation in aqueous suspension

Turning ZnO nanowires into ultra-bright UV emitters

Ultraviolet emission enhanced by a factor of almost 50

Cyto-friendly system for targeted cancer imaging

Fluorescent gold nanoclusters detect and illuminate specific cancer cells