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5: Biocompatible lasers

Riccardo Sapienza and Marta Castro Lopez show us their research creating biocompatible lasers that could be used to diagnose disease.

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Using nanotechnology to enhance the performance of LEDs and other light sources

Lab talk

Nanotechnology research highlights: find out what the authors have to say

Ion implantation embeds catalyst nanoparticles

Iron atoms introduced into easy-to-pattern SiO2 layers to nucleate nanowire growth

Nanoporous layer brightens LED performance

AlN layer patterned by AAO helps team to build better LEDs

Novel self-organized GaN nanorods

The development of high quality, self-organized and catalyst-free grown gallium nitride nanorods for LEDs, single photon emitters and biosensors

Handy control of ZnO film texture

Texture-controlled growth of ZnO films on substrates at room temperature by pulsed laser deposition

Smart PEG hydrogel enables highly selective nanoassembly

Microwell arrays assist self-assembly of colloidal structures for photonic crystal and biosensing applications

Nanoparticle arrays extract light on-demand

Full-field electromagnetic calculations direct researchers towards efficient light emitting devices and sensors

Annihilation of conductive paths and single electron trapping in SRO films

Understanding the electrical properties of silicon nanoparticles embedded in a dielectric matrix

Inexpensive and ecological production of ZnO nanorods

Important parameters uncovered by extensive statistical analysis

Phonons confined in nanorods

Size tunability of colloidal CdSe nanorods allows systemtic study of confinement effects

Photoluminescent, water-soluble Mn-doped ZnS quantum dots

A facile route to solubilize quantum dots in water

Nanoscale laser chemical processing and fabrication by a particle-lens array

A micro/nano-lens array based on self-assembled particles now shows promise for large-area laser nanofabrication and assisted chemical etching

Registering single quantum dots for photonic crystal cavity QED

Registering the position of quantum dots optically allows photonic crystals to be written around them lithographically with high precision

Nanocrystalline silicon lights up again

A report on stimulated emission from nanocrystalline-silicon by continuous-wave excitation

Nanowires light up silicon

III-V nanowire LEDs offer light sources on silicon chips

Quantum dot-like emission from ZnO nanowire quantum-wells

Quantum wells have successfully been grown on top of ZnO nanowires

GaSb-based lasers with two-dimensional photonic crystal mirrors

Photonic crystals have been successfully integrated into GaSb-based optoelectronic devices

When gold is shining even brighter

Can gold nanoparticles exhibit a bright luminescence with near-infrared excitation?

Diatoms react dimly to nickel sulphate

Research shows how photonic properties of diatoms are affected by a change in environmental conditions

Strain mapping in free-standing nanowires

The strain distribution in InAs/InP nanowires has been measured by the peak finding technique and high resolution TEM images.